So my biggest dilemma as of recently: buying a house.

Pete and I have been together about two years and we both agree that renting in the area we live in is completely pointless. It costs more money to rent a two bedroom apartment then it would be for a mortgage on a three bedroom house and the worst part? We wouldn’t even own it! If I’m dumping thousands of dollars into a place I’m inhabiting, I want it to be an investment, not a pool of wasted money that we could’ve saved for a dream house.

The only issue? Buying a house around here is weird. Sometimes there are hidden gems and others, they’re too good to be true. Just the other day, we looked at a listing in Howell and up until we saw the house in person it seemed like a solid fit. It was a good distance for both of us for work, hardwood floors, newly renovated bathroom, three bedrooms, decent-sized backyard and it was close to family. This is at least what we gathered from the listing. When we got there?


Shabby workmanship considering they replaced the doors and not the frames so the doors were cracked and didn’t fit right and you can see hinge marks from the old door. The rest of the neighborhood was a complete dump which is why this house looked so nice. The backyard was smaller and a bigger mess than expected. There was virtually no driveway and they advertised there was one. There were dents in the “new” stainless steel appliances. Needless to say, we were completely disappointed with what we saw.

Thankfully, my dad came with us to check it out and he gave us some good insight on what we should be looking for and the kind of house we should be starting out in. The thing is, we want a place that will be ours and we just have 0 desire to rent. Everyone keeps saying, “Oh you should rent for a year to see if it will work.” Well what I say to that:

  • Pete and I have been together long enough to know what to expect from one another living under the same roof
  • That sentence sounds more like: “Why not throw away a couple thousand dollars so that you can prevent yourselves from saving for a house to find out you were initially right and you’ll be good to go living together”
  • Mind your damn business. We know we are ready to live together, we’ve known for a while and we are sick of wasting time on debating whether we should rent vs. buy
  • We both live with our parents, we’re saving money now, we’re adults at ages 24 and 26. We don’t want to live at home forever and we don’t want to have to worry about more noisy neighbors we share a wall with but instead of us being related to them, they’re total strangers

So to be perfectly honest, we made a “Dream House” list last night just between us and it looked like this:

  • Has a garage
  • Nice backyard for a dog to play in
  • 3+ Bedrooms (master room, one guest room and one for an office)
  • 2 or 1.5 Bathrooms
  • Some kind of basement or at least something with potential
  • Kitchen with an island in it
  • A place for Pete to put his kegerator
  • Close to our families/work

Will we find this dream house for our price range? Who knows, but we are going to keep looking. And who knows, maybe we’ll just build our own house instead if it gets to that point.

Work Hard, Play Hard

This past Friday I attended my company’s team building picnic held at the Sunset Terrace on Chelsea Piers.

I have to say, it felt nice having the day to only worry a little about work as opposed to sitting at a desk during this beautifully sunny day. The sun was out and everyone was in a great mood until… the competitive edge sunk in since we were competing in a team scavenger hunt! Yep, we were divided into teams and we ran through different piers to answer riddles, and take crazy photos.

Crazy photos meaning one of our supervisors totally crashed one of our photos and somehow it still managed to come out nicely. Also note, my co-worker Danielle totally loving life in one photo.

Please see stellar photos of my work family below – we’re pretty spectacular. #TeamTaylor


Buckets of Stress, with a Side of Relaxation


How I Managed to Dress Myself, Today’s #OOTD
Shirt: Miami Flowing T Francesca’s (similar)
Eunina Jeans “Ava” Francesca’s 
Nashville Flats Aerosoles
Brown Sparkle Long Ring Lucky Brand (similar)
Modern Deco Stretch Bracelet Chloe + Isabel

I’ve been back at work for three days and already, my calendar is completely booked up! Talk about an “easy transition.” I feel like I am drowning in work already, but somehow I am keeping my head above water and making it all work by cranking things out like wildfire. In order to even post these photos, Pete had to take them this morning before I even went to work!


Am I stressed out? Yes.
Do I wish my job was a little less demanding? Sure.
But to be honest, I know I would be bored if I wasn’t working this much.


I’m definitely happy to be home, but I am way overdue on seeing a few people I have been missing since work picked up. Tomorrow I finally get to spend some time with my cousin since she was traveling and that same week I left to go to Ft. Drum. She actually took a trip to visit some family in France which now has me itching to book a flight and go out there myself! I’ve got Europe at the top of my bucket list so once I get to the point where I have to cash in that PTO, you know where I’m headed.


Yesterday Peter and I got a Couple’s Massage (his two-year anniversary gift to me) and it was probably one of the most relaxing experiences ever. I almost fell asleep I was so calm, but unfortunately I feel like all of that de-stressing  was undone after coming in to work this morning. I did however wear white tee to try and keep calm and stay “zen.” Roxy even made it into a few pictures and that added a little extra joy. Either way, here’s to hoping the rest of the week is calmer despite my super-early morning tomorrow. *insert crying emoji here*

IMG_2573 IMG_2556

Serious Case of the Mondays


How I Managed to Dress Myself Today’s #OOTD
Shirt: Aurelia Solid Tee Francesca’s
Pants: Jeggings American Eagle
Shenandoah Honeycomb Francesca’s (similar)
Rex Woven Caged Block Heel Report (similar)

Despite putting my best foot forward after coming out of the field for two weeks, a case of “The Mondays” got to me. It started as all dramatic stories start: in a coffee shop – or I should say right outside of one. Being the airhead I am on a Monday morning pre-caffeine, I managed to accidentally lock my keys into my car… Yup, that was me today. After having a 2 minute meltdown, I walked inside of the local coffee shop and asked if I could use their phone because naturally I locked that into my car. Also held hostage by my Honda: work bag with laptop, car keys (of course) and the item I desperately needed most at this time: my AAA card. I know, basically I was facing my imminent doom. I called the non-emergency dispatcher to see if they could help and luckily, a cop was there within 5 minutes.


“You might have to call a locksmith,” were the words I dreaded she would say and in fact she did. But once I told her I had a spare key and I lived in town, the officer was nice enough to drive me to my house, grab my spare keys and take me back to my car only making me 30 minutes late to work as opposed to the several hours it would’ve taken to wait for a locksmith #MyHero. It should also be noted, today they were replacing the roof on my house coincidentally so it probably looked weird when she pulled up to see several vehicles in my driveway and people all over my roof. Surprisingly, she didn’t make it up.


Other than my mess of a morning it should also be made known that today is my 2-year anniversary with Pete (insert lovey dovey “awww” here). I know it seems super cheesy, but two years is a long time to be with someone, especially when you start seeing articles by Forbes that the human attention span is smaller than that of a goldfish. I’m a lucky gal and I have no regrets for publicly acknowledging how happy I have been the past two years and how much I love Pete.